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At HDA SMC, our manufacturing capabilities are unsurpassed. For over three decades, we have developed advanced manufacturing processes and quality controls for electronic and electro-mechanical products requiring the harshest operating environments. Our ability to effectively process unique soldering alloys that meet and exceed the highest quality/reliability requirement is our key differentiator. Our list of unique soldering alloys is as follows:

Au80/Sn20 Y Up to 240°C
Pb93.5 N Up to 240°C
Sn96.5 Y Up to 175°C
Sb05 Y Up to 175°C
Sn63 N Up to 150°C
Sn62 N Up to 150°C
SAC305 Y Up to 175°C

Our advanced manufacturing capabilities are as follows:

Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Assembly:

  • SMT, Through-Hole, and Mixed Technology Assembly
  • Double-Sided PCBs, Flex Circuits
  • Automated Wave and Selective Soldering
  • Manual Soldering
  • Automated Optical and X-Ray Inspection
  • Component Tinning
  • Conformal Coating, Encapsulation, and Potting
  • Staking
  • XRF Testing
  • Serialization and Traceability